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What is Emotional

Emotional intelligence is all about using your emotions intelligently.
Which probably doesn’t help much!

There are a number of descriptions which may be used to define emotional intelligence:

  • A learned ability to perceive, understand and express our feelings accurately and to control our emotions so that they work for us, not against us.
  • The ability to identify, understand and manage moods and feelings – in both ourselves and other people.
  • How we cope with the pressures and demands on our lives; like stress, dealing with change and solving problems.

Emotional Intelligence is essentially a set of life skills that are central in helping people to be high achievers at work and in their personal lives. By learning to understand their own feelings and the feelings and emotions of the people they’re working with, they can become more effective in managing themselves, managing relationships, working well with others, dealing with stress and handling environmental pressures and demands

My own favourite is that emotional intelligence is that uncommon ability which we label common sense.

It essentially relates to social expertise – your people skills.

We have covered ‘What is Emotional Intelligence’, but why is it important?
Because it’s your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them.
The emotionally intelligent leader promotes qualities that are instrumental in guiding an organisation to success. Emotionally intelligent leaders foster self-regulation, self- awareness, motivation, empathy and social skills and effectively guide employees through the use of these skills. Leaders who display these qualities promote working environments in which employees feel comfortable voicing their opinions, thereby promoting an environment that is successful and stable.

What can I do to boost/increase my emotional intelligence?

Training, coaching and experience. In fact, even if you didn’t take any deliberate actions, your emotional intelligence would increase with age and experience.

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