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“An Even Better Place to WorkTM has provided me & my team with the tools to measure where we are and more importantly how we move forward. The tool kits create a safe environment to talk about how we feel and assist each other in addressing any problems that are impacting on our working life. Over time the culture of ownership and accountability has grown to a point where the needs of each other are understood and respected and allow room to create solutions where needed. From a time management perspective I find that my team work better with me & each other with less moaning about what doesn’t work but instead talking about what could work!”

Vicky Farrell

Team Leader, Yorkshire Water

“What I love about An Even Better Place to WorkTM is that it’s both top down AND bottom up. It works for the business and for the individual too.”

Sarah Cooper

Head of HR, BAE Systems

“A powerful, innovative way to engage staff – we got some very important issues onto the table.”

Trisha Western

Head of Training & Development, Sony

So little administration and great value for money.”

Terry Reid

Senior Learning & Development, Savers

“It’s an extraordinarily effective and outrageously low priced system that delivers big.”

Mike Wilsher

Managing Director, The Executive Foundation

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