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BAE Systems
Head of Resources and IT I didn’t know what to expect from 1-1 coaching as I had not used this in a management development context before. The results from a wide spectrum of individuals both high fliers and lower performance was consistently good. High Force Training made sure they understood the issues and requirements from a business, managerial and individual perspective and within a short timescale achieved results. All of the people have grown in confidence and outlook and are achieving significantly better performance for our business.

IPT Manager I have found the coaching sessions have enabled me to develop and understand other people’s needs and how best to use my interactive skills to develop positive relationships, which work towards having a high impact on the business goals. This is very rewarding and encourages effective behaviours at all times.

IPT Manager The EQi Resource report has indicated where my effective behaviours lie, which as encouraged me to develop working relationships which are built on trust, honesty, respect and in keeping with the values that are respected within modern day businesses and working environments. EQi goes a long way to show your emotional strengths and weaknesses which can be measured and improved upon, whilst carrying out your daily tasks.

GSK GlaxoSmithKline
The event was well organised, professional and delivered by fun training leaders.
I intend to use High Force again!

Northumberland County Council
I thought that the last team event, High Force Chain Reaction, was spectacular. It involved all team members and enabled us to work as one team for the first time.

One North East
I have had nothing but praise and excellent feedback. Thank you for all your hard work and effort, will certainly be using you in the future again.

At the end of the course, the attendees all enthused about it and if enjoyment is a basic criteria of success, then it was unqualified….nine months on I have now one team! Every one appreciates that they are valuable and valued members of the team and realize that no one is completely self sufficient…… (Dr E. Hinton Clifton, Head of Medical Division)

The days programme was so well-organised …the staff so expert and friendly.. (Derick Thanet)

GSK GlaxoSmithKline
The course was customized to our exact requirements….(Bob Garton, Operations Manager)

Vauxhall You can be assured I will recommend your company for experiential training….flexible and totally professional.. (John Wheeler, Managing Director)

Interviews with previous clients

How long have you been a client?
I have been a client of High Force Training for approximately 10 years

What do you value most highly about their work?
I value the time an trouble that they take as an organization to understand my needs (through a robust diagnostic/TNA), plan a project to address my requirements and deliver it in a timely, cost effective and highly professional manner.

What results does our service help you to deliver?
I have over the years benefitted from their involvement in a number of ways :
Enhanced team – working
Development and improvements to team facilitation skills
Individual Personal Coaching and development
EQi Behavioural development in support of TPM/360 feedback
Consultancy support to the management of complex change programmes

How has your business/life improved as a result of using our services?
Effective use of EQi as a quantitative as well as qualitative measure of individual behavioural and performance improvement in direct response to 360 feedback – no other approach has in my opinion provided an effect means of enabling an individual to address their 360 and demonstrate clear, sustained and consistent development and improvement.
Support to individuals who fall into spectrum Orange, in improving their performance and behaviours and providing other targeted behavioural interventions through one-on-one personal coaching resulting in individuals improving their effectiveness within the business.
Significant improvements to team cohesion, behaviours and performance have been achieved particularly in relation to teams facilitating and managing internal change programmes.
Provision of effective skills, toolsets and best practice in the equipping of teams to deliver complex change programmes across multiple- stakeholder organizations (e.g. on RAF bases with MoD, BAES, OEM supplier and RAF teams)

How easy is it to do business with us?
They are very easy to do business with much more so than we are as a company and as a customer.
Very professional in their approach, very open and honest about their capabilities and realistic in setting expectations of what can be achieved. You are consistently dealing with the same individuals over time.
The reason High Force are effective is that they put time and effort into their up-front diagnostic. This helps to build trust and confidence and tailor their delivery and makes the process much easier.

Why do you continue to do business with us?
All effective interventions relating to individual and team development (especially in relation to individual behaviours) are in some way dependent on the relationships between the provider and the recipient. High Force have, from the outset, demonstrated that they are there for the long haul and not just to secure a specific contract.
They have worked hard over many years to understand the scope and scale and complexity of the BAE Systems business in order to target their support to be more effective in the context of our business.
Working with people on a one-to-one in highly personal and sensitive areas such as coaching and behavioural improvement requires a depth of understanding of the context, the development of trust, adherence to confidentiality and consistent delivery of results. These are attributes which take time to establish – High Force has consistently delivered in these areas.
Truthful and realistic in their capabilities and in setting expectations.
They deliver not just once but repeatedly

Are there any people from within our organisation who deserve to be mentioned? Why?
Gary Hosey has consistently delivered well planned and managed interventions. He understands our business context and performance goals and works to provide effective improvements

How well are you looked after as a client?
Very well. Even when we are not actively engaging to contract with them they have taken the time and trouble to maintain contact, keep abreast of changes within the business and maintain relationships

What would you say about us to someone who has never heard of us?
High Force are fairly unique amongst training consultancies in that they are in the business not just to make money for their company but to genuinely seek to deliver sustainable improvements for their customers. Their approach is refreshing in its honesty and professionalism.

How long have you been a client of High Force?
Have worked with Gary Hosey and High Force for about ten years in the area of team and individual development/coaching and behavioural development.

What do you value most highly about their work?
The ability to listen carefully to our needs and tailor solutions to meet our requirements. Very good at forming positive relationships with the people they work with and build trust which is essential when undertaking this sort of work. Always happy to partner with other organisations in order to achieve overall objectives.

How happy are you to be a client?
Very happy

What results does their service help you to deliver?
Improved self awareness and personal effectiveness when undertaking individual coaching.
Build strong teams with common goals and improved individual and team behaviours. Critical in achieving goals and high performance.

How is your business/life improved as a result of using their services?
Improved personal and team effectiveness. Improved self awareness and recognition of impact on others. Focus an behavioural strengths and areas for improvement. Ability to tackle difficult often previously seemingly unachievable objectives and challenges.

How easy is it to do business with High Force?
Relatively easy. Occasionally we have had to discuss commercial terms to achieve flexibility in the relationship and avoid ‘over selling’ (eg advance booking sessions when not known if they are going to be used). We have always found an agreeable solution to meet both parties needs.

Why do you continue to do business with them?
All of the above. Have not found the need to source any other organisation that offers the bespoke service and relationship that we have with Gary.

Do you plan to remain a client? If so, why?
Yes. Again all of the above. Even in difficult economic climate the need to enhance team and individual performance is key. Whenever I undertake a new venture or role I take a good look at the team and how effectively it functions so I will always have a need for this service.

Are there any people from within High Force’s organisation who deserve to be mentioned? Why?
We have almost exclusively worked with Gary Hosey and he provides all the services. Gary has built excellent relationships with the people and teams he has worked with and always with positive results.

How well are you looked after as a client?
Very well, for all the reasons above.

What would you say about High Force to someone who has never heard of us?
High Force are a very people focused organisation who work very hard to deliver exactly what we want. They are attentive and professional without losing the essential personal touch that we need when working in the sensitive are of individual and group behavioural development. In a word I trust Gary Hosey.
High Force Training has worked with me for around six years and provided a confidential, personal, bespoke service tailored to my needs.
Gary has given me real insight into understanding the behaviours of others and has helped me to develop personal strategies to optimize my relationships with others, and my overall effectiveness.
Gary spends time understanding my needs.
He has helped me generate a much deeper self-awareness and awareness of others which has proved invaluable in developing my own influencing and coaching skills. These are essential to me in managing change in the business across a complex stakeholder group.
Gary is always responsive to, and respectful of, my needs. He always keeps appointments and is available for consultation in-between formal appointments. Overall High Force provide a personal effective service and are easy to do business with. Their admin staff are efficient.
To sumarise, High Force are an organisation who offer a range of bespoke services supporting both team and personal development. They offer a very personal and professional service. They are efficient and easy to deal with. They spend time understanding your needs and can tailor solutions to suit.

Our Guarantee: 'We unconditionally guarantee our work; If at any stage, for any reason, you feel that you're not getting value for money, you don't pay.'