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Stress Tolerance

Using effective leadership and training to help your team develop greater stress tolerance

Stress is a sad fact of modern life, so everyone needs a reasonable level of stress tolerance. The exact level will depend on the nature of your work and home life. Too much stress tolerance will mean it’s impossible to muster a sense of urgency and may prevent you from even realising you’re becoming stressed until it starts to affect your health. The good news is that you can develop a greater level of stress tolerance amongst yourself and your team through executive coaching, business team building, and the occasional corporate team building event.

You need to take on a manageable amount of work and make sure that you’re always in a position to make decisions with a clear head, as opposed to letting your stress dictate your response to problems. Executive coaching can help you achieve this balance in your working life.

Fortunately, stress management doesn’t have to be complicated. One of my favourite methods – one that absolutely anyone can use in their day-to-day life – is proper breathing. When we become stressed, we start taking small, shallow breaths, but this restricts the flow of oxygen to our brain and actually exacerbates our stress. Take big, deep breaths from your stomach whenever you start feeling stressed and it will help to keep you calm, so you can continue to make rational decisions.

This can help keep you on track during any stressful situation, whether it’s a looming deadline or a particularly tough sale. I’d strongly recommend that you run corporate team building sessions on a regular basis to help teach your staff skills like this.

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