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Satisfaction@Work Speed Training

This is a Do It Yourself leadership and team development programme which is unique in design and delivery. It resources people to get the best from their working relationships and creates real value for the business.

Speed Training offers incremental bite sized chunks of learning and development. They are ideal when time is limited and you are looking for a quick, fun, easy to deliver activity. They can be used at team meetings or in short structured sessions.

The activities are grouped around seven key indicators of effective relationships – feeling valued, openness, feedback, motivation, difference management, ownership and conflict management. Progress across these seven indicators can be measured using the Satisfaction @ Work Index™.

This is not more management information to be digested but a programme of activities and interactions which will transform working relationships. It has transformed teams in organisations like Siemens, BAE Systems, PepsiCo Food, GlaxoSmithKline and others.

These activities will dramatically improve:

  • The impact of leadership
  • The effectiveness of teams
  • The quality of life for team members

  • It is a practical, friendly resource that gets people taking ownership for their issues and opens real conversations between people, without great expense of time or money.
  • It will grow a collaborative model of leadership which eliminates the You versus Me attitude and breeds collaboration across the business
  • The programme is transforming rather than informing so the impact and the difference is felt immediately and time is not spent on difficult-to-apply


People really enjoyed the activities and we have fewer people problems now
Jim Morrosroe, Vice President McCormick Europe

Without doubt some of our people who were not ‘natural’ leaders have benefited enormously from this programme
Ken Gordon, Head of Training Maritime Coastguard Agency

Great value to the business for the modest outlay
Lochlain Feeley, MD Uniq Foods

An ideal resource when time and budgets are limited.

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