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Leadership development
Emotional intelligence has been proven to be a key facet of successful leadership. Extensive data analysis used by Daniel Goleman concludes that:
Emotional and social competencies were found to be twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and expertise; emotional competence is particularly central to leadership, a role whose essence is to get others to do their jobs more effectively.

Team development
Being part of a work team means that you and the people you work with have a common set of goals that you’re working toward. You also all pull together to reach those goals. High functioning teams have great communication. When a problem arises, each member is comfortable expressing their thoughts, beliefs and feelings about it. Individual petty politics doesn’t belong in effective teams. The team critiques ideas and team members don’t take the criticisms personally.

Team Alignment & Development
Team Alignment is one of our most popular programmes, this focuses on how the team is currently functioning together and on what is required to enhance each individual’s performance and the overall team development. It ensures that everyone is aligned to achieving your organisational goals and objectives and how to interact positively with other areas of the organisation.
Team Alignment can also include company value, vision and goal setting.

Organisational development
The emotional intelligence of an organisation is its ability to deal with change, reach its goals and still care about the people that work there and interact with the organisation, as well as the surrounding community and world.

Executive Coaching
Coaching is one of the fastest-growing means of people development because it gets results and helps improve performance and productivity, providing it is used effectively.

Benefits of coaching for organisations:

  • improved individual performance
  • improved productivity
  • increased staff motivation
  • accelerated changes in organisations
  • demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to staff
  • improved staff retention
  • reduced cost of sending staff to external courses
  • growth of future senior staff
  • fostering a culture of learning and development
  • helping staff to achieve a better work-life balance

Emotional intelligence can be used as part of a sound recruiting process, leading to higher retention rates and reduced turnover. The recruitment and selection process can be more reliable and efficient, resulting in significant cost savings, improved employee effectiveness and increased morale for your organisation.

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