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Self Expression

The Self-Expression Composite scale is an extension of Self-Perception and addresses the outward expression or the action component of one’s internal perception. This facet of emotional intelligence is comprised of Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, and Independence. It assesses one’s propensity to remain self-directed and openly expressive of thoughts and feelings, while communicating these feelings in constructive and socially acceptable ways.

Emotional Expression: is openly expressing one’s feelings verbally and non-verbally. Emotional expression extends beyond the simple overt expression of one’s feelings, to include the communication of those feelings in a manner that can be understood and experienced by the recipient.

Assertiveness: involves communicating feelings, beliefs, and thoughts openly, and defending personal rights and values in a socially acceptable, non-offensive, and non-destructive manner. Assertiveness is a complex and essential component of emotional intelligence that transcends one’s ability to express emotion. Assertiveness includes the expression of feelings, but further encompasses one’s ability to openly express thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, even in the face of adversity, and to defend and stand up for one’s personal rights.

Independence: is the ability to be self-directed and free from emotional dependency on others. Decision making, planning, and daily tasks are completed autonomously. Independent people are self-reliant in planning and making important decisions; however, highly independent individuals may seek and consider the opinions of others before making the best decision. Seeking consultation or advice and gathering information are not signs of dependency. Independence is the ability to function autonomously without protection and support: independent people avoid clinging to others to satisfy their emotional needs.


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