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Why you and your team must develop emotional self-awareness during team building activities and executive coaching

It’s important to be aware of how your behaviour affects those around you and not get so caught up in your ambitions that you become insensitive to the feelings of others. People with good emotional self-awareness are conscious of their emotions and do not get overwhelmed by them. They are also very aware of the emotions of those around them and will often be quick to observe when there has been a significant shift in their team’s overall mood, especially during periods of change or upheaval.

People who lack emotional self-awareness will often seem blunt and insensitive, but it’s also possible to possess too much self-awareness which can be equally damaging in the workplace, as such people can often be rather self-absorbed and melodramatic, to the extent that they become a distraction. Exploring people’s personalities through emotional intelligence tests and corporate team building activities can help you find a happy balance.

This is not the easiest element of emotional intelligence to develop, even with the use of EQ tests, executive coaching and corporate team building activities, but try writing down the strongest emotion you felt at the end of each day. How did it affect you? Reflect carefully on this. In fact, why not take a little time every day to reflect on your emotions? Maybe go for a ten minute walk in the morning or evening, for example…

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