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What is self-actualisation and why is it the first of the top five factors of overall success?

Self-actualisation is the ability to realise your potential capacities. This component of emotional intelligence is manifested by your becoming involved in pursuits that lead to a meaningful, rich and full life. Striving to actualise your potential involves developing enjoyable and meaningful activities and can mean a lifelong effort and an enthusiastic commitment to long-term goals . Self-actualisation is an on-going, dynamic process of striving toward the maximum development of your abilities and talents, of persistently trying to do your best and to improve yourself in general. Excitement about your interests energises and motivates you to continue these interests. Self-actualisation is affiliated with feelings of self-satisfaction. Individuals with healthy self-actualisation are pleased with their place on life’s highway with respect to their personal, occupational and financial destinations.

Individually, we are much more comfortable, resilient and fun to be with when we know we are on the right path. For most organisations, motivating employees is a key goal. Developing self-actualisation is central to inspiring employees and helps everyone clarify which motivational strategies are most effective for him or her.

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