Leadership and Management development programmes specialising in

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Programme Outline

Introduction to Measurable Management
2 hours
Introduce the programme to participants and senior management.
Familiarise attendees with:

  • Programme content
  • Key issues
  • Role of mentors (direct leaders/supervisors of participants)
  • Align the entire team around the key issues
Group meeting 1
3 hours
What do team leaders do?
Roles and responsibilities
Group meeting 2
3 hours
 Influencing behaviour
Effective listening
Group meeting 3
3 hours
Coaching, counselling and appraisal
Leading and influencing positive behaviour
Group meeting 4
3 hours
 Customers and suppliers
Their role in determining your success
Group meeting 5
3 hours
Continual improvement
Recognising the importance of continuous improvement
Group meeting 6
3 hours
Tools for quality leadership
Problem-solving processes
Group meetings 7,8,9
3 hours
Focus for action
Identifying areas for improvement and implementing action plans
Wrap-up meeting
3 hours
Summary and update on previous actions taken
Plan for implementation of future ideas for action

The first 7 meetings (up to group meeting 6) are held every 2 weeks, with the final 4 meetings being held monthly. Each meeting lasts approximately 3 hours.


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