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Improve leadership, develop teams and increase staff satisfaction – all in one on-line DIY programme

Would you like an innovative and inexpensive solution to these problems? An Even Better Place to Work is the world’s first online (but not e learning) culture and behaviour enhancing programme. People engage with a series of dynamic activities, measures and resources that quickly create a well led, motivated and productive workforce. It’s great for team development and people love it.

Sounds to be good to be true? Well that is what organisations like BAE Systems, the NHS and TNT believed until they tried it and found that it does what it says on the box!


How does it work? An Even Better Place to Work is based on seven key indicators which are central to issues facing organisations today. These are measured and tracked throughout the programme. People have their own confidential web space to access resources, record their action goals and track progress on the seen key indicators.

You will see people taking ownership for improving their own scores, running activities, inviting feedback and initialising conversation with their colleagues about real work and relationship issues. Engagement and ownership are embedded into the programme. The question is constantly asked is, “what am I going to do?” rather than, “what is management going to do?”

The rich data collected through the programme indicators (which is always current) allows managers to gauge the ‘health’ of the organisation and to make interventions, which are targeted to real needs.

Key Features

  • A totally automated programme
  • Systemised and incremental
  • Sustained change
  • Designed for busy people
  • Micro to macro rather than top down
  • Highly cost effective
  • Aligns with 360 feedback, IIP and 100 Best Companies
  A powerful, innovative way to engage staff – we got some very important issues onto the table – Trisha Western, Sony This programme had real impact on the bottom line – we were able to resolve issues with key customers, left unresolved, would have cost us money – Karen Meaden, Siemens.

An ideal resource when time and budgets are limited

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