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Impulse Control

Developing impulse control through executive coaching and emotional intelligence tests

There was a study done in America several years ago that demonstrated how impulse control can be one of the most important factors in determining someone’s success in life.

A class of children were each given a chocolate bar and instructed that if they could go an hour without eating it, then they’d get another. Those with poor impulse control would eat their chocolate bar almost straight away, but the more patient children would benefit more in the long run. So it is with life in the workplace.

Good impulse control means you’ll make better decisions and consider evidence carefully before jumping to conclusions. You’ll stay calm and collected during crisis situations, even if everybody else around you is panicking, and will ensure a solution is found with minimal fuss.
However, if your impulse control has been developed to too great a degree (especially if it’s combined with a high degree of stress tolerance) you’ll never feel any great sense of urgency when it comes to getting anything done, even if a job is genuinely urgent. At the opposite side of the scale, someone with low impulse control but high flexibility will constantly be flitting from one project to the next, but will never actually complete anything.

EQ tests and emotional intelligence tests can highlight whether you are leaning too far towards one extreme, allowing you to work with an executive coach to bring yourself back into balance. Leadership and training in the form of team building activities can help you develop the same qualities amongst your staff.

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