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Measurable Management – Features, Advantages & Benefits

F:   The programme is linked to your company’s Key Issues
A:   This makes it exclusively relevant to your organization
B:   The measurable outcomes are focused directly into the business needs

F:   Each participant will deliver 3 measurable improvements within the Key Issues identified
A:   By the end of the programme you will see 3 x (10-15 participants) improvements
B:   Changes actually get implemented and are focused into your priority areas
B:   Improvements impact the bottom line very quickly and show a measurable Return on investment

F:   The programme consists of 11x3 hour meetings spread over 7 months.
A:   It doesn’t take people away from the workplace for long periods of time
A:   Minimal disruption to work routines other than to implement improvements
B:   Production is uninterrupted and cash continues to flow
A:   People become skilled at a new way of working – not like on a 1 day or 1 week workshop
A:   Attitude and culture changes are sustained-they don’t revert back to the old ways
B:   Results continue to deliver to the bottom line long after the programme has ‘ended’

F:   The Programme develops a listening and involving style of leadership
A:   Participants learn how to involve others and develop a teamwork approach to improvement
B:   Resistance to change is either minimal or non-existent resulting in actual improvements
B:   Improved productivity, improved morale, improved customer satisfaction, more profit

F:   The programme is financially guaranteed to deliver a positive Return On Investment
A:   The programme is at best highly profitable and at worst free of charge
B:   A financially safe and easy decision
B:   Easier to get your colleagues and stakeholders to agree
B:   Easier to get budgeting approval
B:   A positive return on your training investment that is both focused and measurable

Our Guarantee: 'We unconditionally guarantee our work; If at any stage, for any reason, you feel that you're not getting value for money, you don't pay.'