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BP2W Level 2: The Solution



BP2W Movie 1 – How does BP2W improve profitability?

The greatest source of inefficiency for most organisations lies in working relationships: conflict, mistrust, misunderstanding. 75 % of people leave jobs because of relationship issues (and most of these are with their immediate supervisors). Typical managers will spend up to 25-30 % of his/her day on unnecessary conflict. The average employee spends up to 12 days a year off focus. In an organisation, the cost of tolerating these inefficiencies is huge. Imagine the extra capability these inefficiency savings would bring.
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BP2W Movie 2 – How does BP2W improve productivity?


BP2W Movie 3 – Why is BP2W so practical & friendly?



BP2W Movie 4 – What are the indicators of BP2W?



BP2W Movie 5 – How does BP2W prevent costly people problems?

BP2W Movie 6 – Why does BP2W make such a huge difference?



BP2W Movie 7 – What difference does BP2W make?

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