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Executive Coaching

Using an executive coach & behavioural coaching
Proven to maximise performance and bring about long term, meaningful change.

Why executive coaching?
Coaching is rapidly becoming the preferred approach to help employees perform at optimum levels. When delivered in combination with the Emotional Intelligence framework, coaching can resolve even the most difficult performance issues and further enhance already exemplary performance.

What is behavioural coaching?
Behavioural coaching is a highly focused process that unlocks potential and maximizes performance for individuals and organisations. It helps people develop critical insights, bringing a new sense of purpose to their actions and decision making. Combined with the EQ-i it helps them see where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there. This is a scientifically validated process that results in positive, lasting change. Combine this with the breakthroughs gained from each of the previous development stages and you can continue to have high impact with this development programme.

How do we coach?
Conducted one-on-one in a completely confidential environment, our trained and accredited behavioural coaching enables managers to gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations and increase their self-reliance, so they can build and increase their strengths and support others to do the same.
By developing an open relationship with the giving and receiving of feedback, our behavioural coaching goes well beyond traditional “accountability” models, which involve goal setting, action planning and relying on the recipient’s commitment and motivation to move forward. Instead, we employ validated behavioural change techniques to ensure that goals are achieved and changes sustained. These include strategies to develop more self-awareness, enabling people to assess and manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours more effectively in day-to-day situations.
Behavioural Coaching clearly differs from more traditional models of coaching which positions it in a performance-counselling paradigm. It is a very effective technique to increase performance and productivity.
Since 1989 we have extended the benefits of coaching beyond the executive boardroom, providing a scalable service that is flexible in terms of time and location and which is highly effective enabling an impact at every level of your organisation.

The benefits of emotional intelligence at work
Based on a number of studies, increasing your emotional intelligence at work has many benefits, including the ability to:

  • better manage stress at work
  • improve your relationships with co-workers
  • deal more effectively with your manager and direct reports
  • be more productive
  • be a better manager and/or leader
  • better manage your work priorities
  • be a better team player

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