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360 Degree Feedback


The Next Stage of Emotional Intelligence – EQ 360 Degree Feedback
360 degree assessments (also known as multirater feedback or multisource feedback) are a performance evaluation method that provides an individual with the opportunity to receive feedback from his/her co-workers or colleagues (e.g., supervisor, co-workers, peers, direct reports).
The primary goal of a 360 degree assessment is to give an individual a deeper understanding into his/her work functioning from multiple perspectives. 360 degree feedback is usually part of a developmental planning process, with its goal being to create awareness and to establish sustainable, long-term personal growth. The underlying tenet for use of multirater feedback is that data about one’s specific workplace functioning, when compared with internal perceptions, are used as a means for enhancing self-awareness and subsequent behavioural change.

What is the EQ 360?
The EQ 360 is a multirater version of the EQ-i that assesses the same emotional and social skills as the self-report but from an observer’s perspective. Participants nominate who they would like to get feedback from when they complete their self-report. Raters then complete the EQ 360 online and results are tabulated simultaneously into one comprehensive report for the participant

The EQ 360 can measure:
Sensitivity to the feelings of others; expressiveness about feelings; kindness towards others; caring nature; perceived friendliness; stress management skills; optimistic attitude; level of self-control; assertiveness and independence.
However brilliant people are at the task side of their job, without understanding their emotional quotient levels it is unlikely that their career will ever achieve its full potential. Using the EQ 360 can help people focus on the gifted areas where they are already doing well and on the areas for development and behavioural change.
Using the EQ 360 our emotional intelligence specialists can gather views about a person or manager from a wide range of people including managers, direct reports, peers, friends, family and clients. Each rater fills in a questionnaire and then the results are analysed and presented in bar chart form. This identifies the ways in which the individual is already effective and ways in which people think they could be more so.

How is the EQ 360 different from traditional 360-degree feedback tools?
A key benefit of the EQ 360 against other 360-degree tools is the ability to give balanced feedback regarding work/life balance as the feedback is received from both the personal and professional circles of a person’s life.
A major difference between 360-degree tools and the EQ 360 process is in the coaching conversation that follows receiving the report. The conversation is based on the overall feedback generated by the report and not by comments from specific people. This creates a more balanced view and is not influenced by any ‘subjective’ feedback mentioned by any one person.
We help the individual identify the key messages, including the affirmative ones. We also coach to create specific and measurable development actions for the individual, enabling them to make marked behavioural changes in a short space of time.

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