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Emotional Intelligence for Business

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage moods and feelings, in both ourselves and other people. It is about how we cope with the pressures and demands in our lives; like stress, dealing with change and solving problems. How often do you need to deal with those in your office?
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Cultural Change

Cultural Change through Measurable Management is aimed at team leaders, supervisors and newly promoted managers. The objective of our Cultural Change programme is to develop a customer-focused culture that will translate strategy into measurable outcomes by engaging these team leaders to facilitate change.
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Employee Engagement

‘An Even Better Place to Work’ provides an innovative and inexpensive solution to the problems of:

Training and development is essential for any organisation that wishes to remain a leader in its field and effectively cope with a rapidly changing marketplace. However, for training to be worthwhile, it has to produce lasting changes in the way everyone within an organisation works, not just provide short-term solutions that don’t get to the root of performance issues. If this sounds familiar, you may well have been disappointed with training sessions before and never tried them again. But that’s where we come in…

Boost your performance by understanding emotional intelligence training Since 1989, High Force Training has been providing bespoke training and team-building solutions to a wide variety of leading organisations across the UK. Working with us, you will…

  • Understand the concept of emotional intelligence and how it is a key factor in success
  • Learn to effortlessly handle change in order to become a leader in your market and stay there
  • Develop effective teams that work together to achieve outstanding results in every project they undertake
  • Improve communication throughout your organisation, so everyone gets the information they need to perform at their best

This isn’t the type of training you may have already experienced and been disappointed with, where everyone tries it for a week or so and then reverts back to what they’re doing. Not only do we provide you with the tools you need to perform at a higher level through our unique emotional intelligence test, we also work closely with you to ensure they are properly implemented throughout your organisation. The result is lasting, positive change that will impact everything you do.

Your first step towards happier, more productive teams These solutions have been so effective that we have already worked with many of the UK’s top companies, all of whom have reported outstanding results once they put everything into practice (as our glowing TESTIMONIALS will attest). Please keep exploring the site to find more about how our bespoke training solutions can transform your organisation. Also, feel free to CONTACT US with any questions you have – we’d love to hear from you.

Simon Williamson Managing Director

PS. Why you should try us as opposed to someone else Because we unconditionally guarantee our work: if at any time, for any reason, you feel that you’re not getting value for money then you don’t pay us. Simple!

I believe managers at all levels of the company should strive to develop the emotional side of their leadership skills.

Lou Gerstner ex CEO IBM.

High Force Training – helping you achieve:

  • better communication and performance
  • enhanced problem solving skills and resilience
  • higher productivity and morale

Our Guarantee: 'We unconditionally guarantee our work; If at any stage, for any reason, you feel that you're not getting value for money, you don't pay.'